Wheel Aligners- for Trucks - Aladin


Top of the range model.
Data Bluetooth transmission allows maximum mobility between different working positions. ALADIN TR BTH can simultaneously check, on two axles, all typical angles of medium sized busses and trucks, including truck tractors. In fact, in addition to two front measuring heads ALADIN TR is equipped with two rear measuring heads, which enable to operate with 6 CCD sensors and infra-red transmission.

  • All the characteristic angles of both vehicle axles are controlled by means of four measuring heads with 6 CCD sensors and infra-red transmission.

  • The keyboard with remote-control function provides total "on vehicle" operation so the control unit only needs to be used at the start and end of test..

  • The wheeled control unit houses the data processing and management computer, the printer and the highresolution TFT monitor.

  • Special supports on the side of the control unit permit housing and recharging the measuring-head batteries when these are not used.

  • Data management and display program in WINDOWS environment.

  • Data bank with more that 20.000 vehicle data sheet already entered and further blank sheets to be filled.

  • Customer data bank for jobs recording with search by customer name or vehicle plate number.

  • Manufacturer data bank containing more than 20.000 vehicles with the possibility to enter new vehicles.

  • Data bank of vehicles stored with search by customer�s name or registration number.

Standard equipement
  • control unit complete with PC, monitor, key-board, printer and battery-charger
  • Front measuring heads
  • Rear measuring heads
  • Brake pedal depressor
  • steering wheel lock Instruction manual