Wheel Balancers - for Cars - Video Graphics

Wheel balancers with interactive keyboard.

Guided balancing procedure. Interactive inputs with multifunction keys: the functions related to each key vary according to use and are identified on the display by graphic icons for immediate understanding. Automatic measurement of distance and diameter up to 26" through digital calliper with optical sensor..

  • TWheel locking with quickfit nut.

  • Start-up by keyboard or by lowering the wheel guard..

  • Rotation speed lower than 100 rpm.

  • Possibility of inspection run with wheel guard up.

  • Emergency STOP button.

  • Self calibration and self diagnosis programs.

  • Multi-operator function.

  • Wheel dimensions shown in inches or millimetres.

  • ndication of unbalance in grams or ounces.

  • Hidden weight program..

  • ALU programs and motorcycle programs (static and dynamic).

  • Automatic ALU S program and PAX program.

  • Optimisation between rim and tyre, to limit the amount of weight required.

  • Pedal brake to keep the wheel at the point of application of the weight.

  • Automatic measurement of wheel width (optional).

  • Electronic RUN OUT function (optional).

  • Automatic spin when cover is lowered.

  • Automatic stop of the wheel in the external unbalanced position.


Version with pneumatic locking device. Lifting up the pedal, the wheel is automatically locked in an extremely precise way, thanks to the locking device with constant pressure and high stroke. The pneumatic lock makes the balancing process quicker and reduces the operator physical stress, increasing the quantity of balanced wheels and therefore returns.


Standard equipement
MODELS ER165 - ER160
Max. wheel weight (kg) 65
Rim diameter 10" - 26"
Rim width 1.5" - 22"/24" ALU
Read-out accuracy (g) 1
Rotation speed (rpm) <100
Cycle time (sec) 7
Power supply 230V / 50 - 60Hz / 1ph