Wheel Balancers - for Cars - LCD Display

Wheel balancers with interactive keyboard.

Top of the range model.
Graphic backlighted LCD color display with interactive icons. Wheel locking with quickfit nut. Rotation speed lower than 100 rpm. Self calibration and self diagnosis programs. Multi-operator function. Wheel dimensions shown in inches or millimetres. Indication of unbalance in grams or ounces. ALU programs and motorcycle programs (static and dynamic). Guided ALU S program. Rim/tyre optimisation. Hidden weight function.

A low rotation speed balancer. Entry level model of the motorised range, the machine offers great value for money and occupies a very limited space, it also gives professional performances. Guided ALU S programme. Guided rim/tyre optimisation process.

Standard equipement
MODELS ER165 - ER160
Max. wheel weight (kg) 65
Rim diameter 10" - 26"
Rim width 1.5" - 22"/24" ALU
Read-out accuracy (g) 1
Rotation speed (rpm) <100
Cycle time (sec) 7
Power supply 230V / 50 - 60Hz / 1ph