Wheel Balancers - for Cars - Video Graphics

Wheel balancers with interactive keyboard.

MULTISCANI PI features multi range control system coverage. ABS, SRS',ETS, Climate control, ECAA,PCM, immobilizer, instrument Cluster and much more Supports extended functions -.1':s.u,chas activation, reset basic settings, adaptation repair guide, etc. 512M8 memory includes all software applications and'allows useful vehicle information as well as future vehicle SAY expansibility.

  • Quick and often S/NAJ update, no extra cost for adding an application.

  • First two years Free update .

  • Software update through internet

MULIISCANP I provides real-time PC interface on Windows based click-and-go software up date through USB.

MULIISCANP I designed to do support CAN communication, the future communication Protocol, is here now and users can take comfort from MULIISCAN PCs longevity. .

  Coverage List . Technical Data .
Asian Cars Internal Memory Mbyte SRAM
Asian Cars Memory Card 5 I2Mbyte NAND Flash memory
European Cars LCD 320X 240 Graphic LCD with LED backlight
American Cars Input Device Membrane keypad
Australian Cars Quality System ISO 9001: 2000 certified
Malaysian Cars EMC Compliance CE/ C-tick/ FCC approved
Latin American Cars  
Indian Cars
Generic CAN and Enhanced CAN
Generic OBD and European OBD