Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Training Aggregates

MODTECH having mare than a decade of experience in business of air conditions. Our motto is to help organizations to reduce their operational cast by offering Innovative and cost effective AC Solutions in the area of AC trainer Systems, we have the experience and expertise in offering these Proven solutions being implemented in our verticals. With the experience of successfully carrying out the assignment now MODTECH with its well process and procedures is geared up to meet the requirements of larger organizations.

Leveraging on its expertise and on a team built up over the years, which is highly experienced, MODTECH offers very good services of a quality at a cost, which is very competitive.

Products offered
  • Candy unit complete with stainless steel tank mould box, PUF lsulted, SUnmica Body, Agitator,Compressor, Motor Etc., Temperature, Presure Refrigerant control Gauges, Motor, Pipe Fittings etc
  • 2. Cold storage plant complete with all controls and accessories including cooling tower and water treatment plant.
  • 3.Condensing unit with pen type compressor air cooled condenser controls.
  • 4. Condensing unit with open type compressor evaporative condenser control..
  • 5. Reverse AC/ HEat pump..
  • 6. Split type AC with indoor unit & outdoor unit and electronic control.
  • 7.Refrigerator using R- 134 A refrigerant of various capaciry
  • 8. Air conditioning plant, direct and indirect water chiller complete with all control including humidity control
  • 9.Frost free refrigerator 300 litre capacity using HC refrigerant.