Guided balancing procedure. Interactive inputs with multifunction keys: the functions related to each key vary according to use and are identified on the display by graphic icons for immediate understanding. Automatic measurement of distance and diameter up to 26" through digital calliper with optical sensor.

  Osciloscope .  Display Mode
  • Four Channels Display up to 4 scope graphs at one time .

  • High'Speed Digital Scope Samplings Rate 500kHz

  • Auto setup, Standard Pattern presentation

  • HOST-PRO Real-time PC Interface .

  • View waveform by PC screen through USB.

  • Ignition Pattern Analyzer .

  • Primary & Secondary Ignition Pattern .

  • Conventional and DLIIDIS Engine .

  • Dual Channel .

  • Voltage Meter : DC 30V .

  • Frequency Meter : Ihz-100KHz.

  • Duty Cycle :0-99.9%.

  • Current Meter : 0 to 128A(Optional) .

  • Individual Wavcform-Single pattern for Cylinder.

  • parallel Waveform.:Up to 6 Cylinders.

  • Peak Voltage bar graph display(Up to 8 Cylinders) required.

  • Battery Voltage, Dwell angle, Spark time indication

  • HOST-PRO Real-time PC Interface

  • View ignition pattern ,br ft-screen through USB .

  • Digital Multi meter.

  Coverage List . Technical Data .
Asian Cars Internal Memory 1 Mbyte SRAM
European Cars Memory Card 5 I2Mbyte NAND Flash memory
American Cars LCD Membrane keypad
Australian Cars Input Device ISO 9001: 2000 certified
Malaysian Cars Quality System CE/ C-tick/ FCC approved
Latin American Cars EMC Compliance
Indian Cars  
Generic CAN and Enhanced CAN
Generic OBD and European OBD